Hi, I'm Jessica!

I am an acupuncturist and Traditional East Asian medicine practitioner, licensed in the states of Minnesota and Oregon. I received national certification in Acupuncture and am a National Diplomate of Chinese Herbal Medicine, granted by the NCCAOM. I graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and have experienced 8 wonderful years in practice treating many different complaints and conditions. My focuses in practice center on women's hormonal health and menopausal symptoms, sciatic-type lower back pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, depression, TMD, and digestive complaints. I have special interest in trauma, auto-immune and neurological diseases. What’s important to know before you come in is that when we work together—meaning that you take an active role in your health, with me acting as your guide—we can achieve improvement with almost any health concern you may have.


A bit more:

As practitioners, there are so many ways that we can guide patients on a healing journey, and many types of offerings that are available. So I want to begin to answer the question: Why do I practice acupuncture?

I believe in the body’s innate ability to rebalance and heal on it’s own, with guidance, with work, and with attention and intention. When we give the gift to ourselves of deep awareness, an intention to give ourselves what we need, and the time and diligence to find balance and healing, of living well, and of reaching towards goals, whether they be emotional or physical, we can arrive at a place that previously may have been unimaginable. We can become fully healthy and complete—with a sense of ‘intactness’ that living in the current world simply doesn’t lend to us being able to do alone. I have witnessed the power of acupuncture in facilitating this healing reality in many, many patients. I am continually amazed and humbled by this beautiful, and powerful medicine.

I approach each patient as an individual by pinpointing the underlying issues causing discomfort. In treatment, a combination of shiatsu, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, gentle Japanese techniques, essential oils, and flower essences in addition to acupuncture lend to a relaxing and transformative experience. I also offer nutritional suggestions, herbal formulas, and essential oil recommendations for optimal health on a case-by-case basis. On some days, I might recommend a book, a movie, a meditation channel, or a podcast that I feel could be of benefit to you. In other words, I get to know you.

Some Certifications and Continuing Ed:

--Certified in Koshi Balancing with Jeffrey Dann, LAc--4-part seminar series completed in March 2013--Koshi balancing is a gentle Japanese style of treatment that involves bringing alignment to the hips, spine, neck and shoulders using non-invasive needling techniques, a cooperative exercise called Sotai, used to train the body to move in healthier ways, and painless needle insertion. Japanese acupuncture is a great option for patients who consider themselves "needle-phobic". If you want to try Koshi balancing, please wear loose-fitting, stretchy clothing.

--Treatment of Gynecological Disorders with essential oils and herbal medicine with Peter Holmes, LAc --I use essential oils in almost every treatment, and recommend home-care and use for self-care with essential oils. Essential oils are wonderful for balancing hormones, mood, and for integrating past painful memories and releasing traumas. Please inquire more if this interests you!

-- Chinese herbal medicine with the highly respected Dr. Huang Huang. A different and very pinpointed perspective on Chinese herbal therapy, this education has helped me to keenly identify what herbal directions to take, and how best to treat many conditions.

--For over a year I have learned about specific essential oil benefits for physical, mental-emotional, and past trauma healing through Tiffany Pollard, LAc's Healing Oil Collective. Thus far we have studied Neroli, Palmarosa, Blue Tansy, Jasmine, Frankincense, Allspice (Pimenta Berry), Cardamom, Marjoram, Rosemary, Clary Sage and Rose.

--I have attended Northwestern Health Sciences University Health and Wellness Symposium in 2017 and 2018, which includes numerous CEU (continuing education) credits and offers a wealth of perspective and knowledge.

--I am also a supervisor of clinic interns at Northwestern Health Sciences University. This line of work has nourished me AND my practice on levels I never could have imagined. Teaching students has brought a whole new level of deep appreciation for, and made me fall further in love with, Chinese medicine.

My Story

I was a gymnast in my youth and experienced many symptoms and discomforts during my teenage years that ended up an undetermined health condition warranting multiple doctors visits.  Initial diagnoses of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and a "mechanical problem" of differing thigh circumference were all proposed.  Each time there was an "answer" there just arose more questions.  Homeopathy was the treatment that brought me back to a state of balance, and it wasn't until I really changed my diet and lifestyle (which was a years-long process of realizations and adjustments) did I understand what natural healing can be.  (P.S. It's a life-long process.) 

I started School for Chinese/East Asian medicine in 2008 after deciding that the pre-Med path I had chosen wasn't right for me--and I have never looked back.  While I take every perspective into account and learn great information coming from my patients' western medical teams, the branch of Chinese medicine in the tree of health is the perch from which I love to view the body.  The wisdom and insight into how not only the body, but the emotions and the spirit can affect our health, is profound indeed.  How could it not be, after over 3,000 years of development? 


I absolutely love working with patients, helping to uncover what the underlying issues could be to various health concerns. There is so much more to balancing our health and wellness than the larger health industries offer.  I would love to chat with you about true wellness.