Acupuncture is the application of tiny needles placed in specific spots called acupoints, in the muscle and fascial layers of the body. While the act of placing a needle in a specific spot seems simple, the effects can be profound. At the most basic level, acupuncture assists the body in healing itself.

Chinese medicine practitioners view the body as a whole system, connected to and part of the outside environment and world, rather than isolated and separate from it. Chinese medicine focuses on balance and flow of concepts Yin & Yang, Qi & blood, and the Five Elements in the body to help us not only regain, but also maintain, our health.

With acupuncture, herbal, and nutritional healing, you will experience the unfurling of your wellness over time. Together, we will work out treatments and practices for you to carry into every day life so that wellness can be accessed every day.



Time of Service

$120 Initial intake + treatment
$75 Follow-up
$70 x 3= $210 for patients that want to do a series of treatments (recommended for best effect) 

Motor Vehicle Accident and Medical Assistance billing available.  


What patients have said: 

"Great energy"

Great energy, and amazing work ethic! I have been treated by Jessica for several months, and she has gone well and beyond her duties to maximize my recovery process in each session. From back problems, to unexpected aches, she is someone that will take care of you like no one else. I recommend her work 100%, and after you receive your first treatment you'll know why.

— CD, Minneapolis


Jessica worked on my shoulder ONCE and the pain never returned!! I was truly amazed!! Thanks Jessica!!

—RM, Blaine

"Heightened my awareness"

Jessica was my acupuncturist back in Portland, OR and she changed my life! She made me a convert to acupuncture by diminishing my back pain to almost zero, and heightened my awareness of the connection between my body and internal life. Her advice on herbs and diet helped every time I had an issue. I highly recommend people take advantage of her great work at her new home at Balance Point Wellness!

— BD, Portland, OR

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