Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a folk medicine that is used all across the world to alleviate many health conditions. One patient has even said, “I’m so excited to get cupping; my grandmother did it when I was a child!”. From Mexico to Russia, to it’s roots in China and all across Asia, cupping is now gaining much traction in the US.

Glass, silicone, or plastic cylinders are placed on the body by creating suction through a flame or other simple vacuum technique. Cupping assists circulation, brings toxins from the muscle layer out to the skin to be “vented”, and encourages healthy fascial structure, alleviating pain and stiffness in any area of the body. It can also boost immunity and alleviate coughs and colds.

Sometimes red or purple marks are left on the skin after treatment. (Remember the 2016 Olympics? All those athletes were sporting cupping marks!) This is a sign that metabolic waste from the tissues is in need of being brought up and out. Those marks will become lighter in color each time cupping is used as a therapy, showing that the body is getting better at removing those toxins it was once holding on to. I offer individual cupping sessions, and if indicated, will include cupping into an acupuncture treatment as an adjunct therapy.



Cupping Session
$45 for half-hour session
$60 with added aromatherapy treatment

© Balancepoint Wellness, LLc 2019

© Balancepoint Wellness, LLc 2019