What is Chinese herbal medicine? 

Twigs and bark? Uh huh. Flowers and leaves? Yep. Roots and shoots? You betcha. Minerals? Yes. We won’t tell you what else might be in there. But it helps. And you won’t have to be on it for a lifetime. The goal of herbal therapy is to bring you back to true health, by balancing from within. Never would layers and layers of more herbs and formulas be prescribed for you to take ad nauseam. You may take something for a short time, or perhaps something more longterm, with the ultimate outcome being that once nourished, you can then turn to food and lifestyle as your long-term health plan. And when you need it, the herbs are there again to give you that nudge back to full health.

This is Earth medicine, practiced for many thousands of years. The Chinese Materia Medica is one that has been developed and studied for over 2,000 years. Currently, Herbal therapy is combined with western pharmaceutical use in places like China and Taiwan. New things are discovered about herbs every day. Like acupuncture, herbal medicine is not only a science but is also an art. It takes constant study to understand and to master. Consult with an herbalist that you know has gone through rigorous training if you want to try herbal therapy. It can truly be life changing when you find the right formula or combination of herbs and lifestyle changes.


Herbal Consult Prices

$65 for 45-min initial herbal consult

$35 for half hour follow-up




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