Initial Acupuncture Visit

90 mins

Required for NEW patients. We will do a longer intake and include acupuncture treatment in the span of 1.5 hours. Taking an in-depth look at your health will bring the best options of treatment for optimal wellbeing.


Acupuncture Return visit

75 mins

A Return visit consists of a shorter intake and acupuncture treatment, and includes any other modalities deemed necessary by the practitioner—cupping, gua sha, teishin, aromatherapy, moxibustion, etc.


Cupping Treatment

45 mins

A cupping session, using glass or silicone cups, helps break up stuck fascia and release toxins from the muscle layer


Cupping Treatment with Aromatherapy

60 mins

A cupping treatment with the added benefit of Essential oils applied to acupuncture points for both aromatherapeutic and energetic effects, based on your body’s constitutional needs.


Initial Herbal Consult

45 mins

If you’re not sure about acupuncture but interested in herbal medicine, try this: a 45 minute appointment includes comprehensive health inquiry and herbal prescription. Price of herbs not included, and start at $14.


Herbal Consult Follow Up 

30 mins

We will have a conversation and do an assessment on how herbal therapy is going, if things will stay the same, or are to be changed up.


Tarot + Acu session

90 mins

A combined tarot reading and acupuncture + essential oil session. Created out of a short reading, we will do an acupuncture session facilitating somatic energies to bring you into alignment with your Highest Purpose in real time.